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Disability Consultancy and Professional Development

for Organisations

The way people think about and respond to disability can be a bridge or a barrier.

Disability Consultancy

Increasingly, organisations are finding that the quality of their service delivery and the reputation of their brand, is being judged by savvy customers and the wider community in terms of what their services mean or don’t mean to them. We work closely with organisations and independent service providers, to improve the scope, effectiveness and meaningfulness of their service delivery to people with disabilities. 

Many organisations and independent service providers have commented on how valuable it is to have “a fresh set of eyes” come in and provide an independent review of, not only the effectiveness of their services, but the significance and meaning of their service delivery, to people with disabilities, funding bodies, and the general public. Blind Focus has the expertise, experience, and research skills in the lived experience of disability, to provide a fresh 360 degree perspective, on the quality, effectiveness, and meaningfulness of your services.

Image description: Group of professional people sitting around a large table participating in disability consultancy session

Professional Development

Blind Focus is able to provide professional development to small and large groups to stimulate thinking and improve the quality of service delivery. Our most popular professional development topics include: Exploring the Lived Experience of Disability; Working Effectively with People Living with Disability; and Meaningful Life Skills for Community Participation.

We can also design and deliver professional development and staff training, to address specific service delivery issues, which may be confronting your organisation.

Image description: Employees participating in professional development session


Each organisation’s need for consultancy and professional development is different.  It is useful for us to know your goals/objectives, the size of your team, your time frame and so on.  From that discussion, we will be able to develop a highly personalised and effective program, to meet the needs of your organisation, at a fee that we are both comfortable with.

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